Andrew S.

Washington, DC

DC has at last an expert and professional fine art restorer who is responsive, detail-oriented, well-priced, and most importantly very good at his work. Any customer seeking to entrust an important piece to someone for restoration experiences deep anxiety. As a painter, I know how hard it is to do it right, and how permanently damaged works can become; you really need to find the right person. Alex brought back to life a valuable 19th century French painting by an artist whose works are in major international galleries and museums. The level of technical expertise required for this project were very high. I did not think it was possible to bring the painting back to its former self without altering its original characteristics. To my great delight, Alex was successful beyond my expectations and the work enjoys pride of place. I provide an enthusiastic recommendation of Alex and Sable Fine Art Restoration and have already identified several other works that I will have him restore.


Clint M.

Alex did a beautiful job restoring an heirloom painting. The turnaround was fast and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Sable.


Barbara J.

I can't say enough good things about Sable Fine Art Restoration. After texting a picture of the painting to be restored and discussing an estimate, I took the painting in...a late 19th century American seascape by a listed painter. Alex did a fabulous job cleaning and repairing the painting and also repaired the ornate gold frame by recasting and replacing some missing pieces. Wonderful work, fast turnaround time, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Bravo!

4 Cheryl Frost

My portrait in my wedding dress was torn. The loving meticulous care you took in restoring and reviving my portrait is deeply appreciated. Additionally, thank you for “brightening” my portrait and covering the back of the canvass with beeswax. Finally, your excellent service did not end there! You picked up and hand delivered my portrait. You even did an unveiling for my family. I will be using your services again in the future.


Alex R

Sable offers just what I look for in a restorer: clear, timely communication and high-quality work completed in a reasonable timeframe — all at a very competitive price. I don’t hesitate to ship pieces to Sable for restoration from here in New York even though there is no shortage of restorers in NYC. Highly recommended.

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