We are Sable Restoration,

A Palm Beach County and Washington D.C. based fine arts restoration group with a primary focus in easel paintings and frame restoration. We are unmatched in value and skill, providing museum quality restoration at very reasonable prices. We are proud to provide the following services:

For paintings:

  • Cleaning of discolored varnish.

  • Repair of tears, scratches and punctures.

  • Expert retouching and color matching to re-integrate paint loss.

  • Lining and/or tightening of loose canvas.

  • Varnishing.

For frames:

  • Recasting of missing frame moulding.

  • Gilt frame touch up and in-painting.

  • Remounting of loose hardware/stabilizing.

Additional services may be provided.

For estimates please fill out the online form or text images to:

Washington DC (202) 568-2704

Palm Beach FL (561) 524-9203